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Greener Planet. Better Future.

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We are passionate about going green. 
We know your health matters. 
We are GreenDry Carpet Cleaning.

The traditional meaning of carpet cleaning needs to be redefined. GreenDry Carpet Cleaning uses the HOST® Dry Carpet Cleaning System, which has been the premier dry extraction system on the US market over the past 50 years and also a popular choice in the United Kingdom. For use in both residential and commercial settings, HOST® is superior to the hot water or steam methods. Because it is a dry process, you can walk on the carpet immediately after cleaning, that means, zero downtime.


Certifiably Green. Undeniably Clean.

Using the only complete system designed to meet the needs of the carpet industry, carpet cleaner, facility and the environment, GreenDry Carpet Cleaning assures to provide these key benefits with each carpet cleaning:

  1. No wet carpets
  2. Deep clean anytime: Winter or Summer, Christmas or New Year, humid or dry weather
  3. Carpets are ready for immediate use
  4. Restore carpets by pile lifting
  5. Spots won't wick back 
  6. Safe, non-toxic, no carcinogens, readily biodegradable organic ingredients 
  7. Improved indoor air quality by reducing dust mite allergen by 89% and mold spores by 97%
  8. Save water by 97% less than typical cleaning method
  9. Save energy to heat water, blow dry carpets and dehumidify moisture
At GreenDry Carpet Cleaning, we aim at making a difference one carpet at a time.
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